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  • Yes. But then historically Man used to dwell in caves, then moved out, then invented the wheel and automobiles and I am not prepared to give up my car just to justify the prophets from before Christ.
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    ...--yes, nine years ago. It's screwball comedy novel. I already had it outlined and in 2005, it appears, I was laying flesh on those bones.  I had invented two co-workers for my heroine...
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  • ...lisher. About half way through my traditional career a clause appeared in contracts saying that they were buying rights to media 'now and not yet invented'. I always struck that clause...


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    There’s no such thing as writer’s block. That was invented by people in California who couldn’t write. – Terry Pratchett


  • Sounds excellent! I completely identify with believing only in myself. I often mistakenly refer to Jeannette Winterson as the author of The Glass Castle (another memoir I loved!) and am delighted to see that the name I invented is actually a real person and a writer, no less.
  • is no answer to the original question because we are left swimming in an ocean of incomplete sentences often lacking subjects but containing invented adverbs. At first I thought t...
  • Thanks! I've invented a name for Trump - #CatastroTrump. Honest, and that since a tweet I sent out yesterday.