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  • There is more at play, but what the decision comes down to is (do people put SPOILER tags for their own unwritten works? Huh...I dunno.): Daniel can see her now becaus...
  • Well, I knew I wasn't alone. Sometimes, when I'm reading, something will hit me and I'll open up a second document and start working on a completely different idea. An...
  • I don't know how to contact them, Mary, but the affiliate program is separate from selling books on Amazon. You will get paid for sales, but not for referrals. And if...


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    Can you guess the quirky #FoodFic item in Gabi Stevens' "The Wish List"?
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    My guest post on Janice Hardy's blog, Fiction University, addresses the dreadful "unmentionable," writer's block! How do you keep "the unmentionable" from causing you misery?
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