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    ...reativity Through Online Communities One essential aspect of's impact is the sense of community it fosters. This is not just about joining a platform; it's about enteri...
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  • Started by Jenny Steffan Female Real Estate Writers Although historically dominated by men, the real estate market is increasingly changing. Not only are more women joining the industry as investors and...
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  • Started by Jenny Steffan
    ...ects of such platforms, let's look at a real-world example. Meet Jane, an aspiring writer with a story to narrate. Jane's journey begins with her joining a community like this one. He...
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    Angelica Jacob posted a message for Kamy Wicoff
    Hi Kamy, I came across your memoir group on She Writes. I've just published my memoir last month and am interested in joining your group. Can you tell me more about the group? Angelica
  • Kimberly Oswald posted a status
    This is my first time joining a writing community, looking for fellowship and feedback. I write historical fiction. Eager to connect up with other authors.
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    ...2018 post on WoNoWriMo about looking for an accountability group. I didn't see a reponse to your post, did you find a group? I'd be interested in joining a group like that. I think it...


  • Reedsy is a platform that I've recently been introduced to and I've been going back and forth about joining it! It seems like a really great community. I'm also familiar with Upwork. I'll be keeping in mind all of these other awesome suggestions! Thanks so much for sharing them!
  • I've used some of these. Also, joining and interacting on forums where your target audience hangs out can lead to some great blog post ideas for solving their problems. Thanks for sharing this Bernadette!
  • Thanks for joining us, Marybeth Holleman. Glad you found value here!