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  • Started by DJ Geribo
    I've been spending a lot of time painting lately, which means something else is going to be neglected (for me that means mostly housework). But kidding aside, there are only so many h...
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  • No kidding, Kenny. I'm thinking either med or law myself.
  • Started by Colleen Green
    ...nd and I attended a writing conference where the main speaker screamed at us, “No, no, no, no. Get used to it, you’re going to hear it a lot.” No kidding. My attic is packed with old...
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  • Rose CG posted a status
    Hi Lynn, I do not mind being patient, but patience takes so long to learn. Just kidding. Have a good writing day.


  • ...She Writes for quite awhile because all my energy goes to balancing the huge chip on my shoulder as I labor over my literary fiction novel--just kidding! Here is how I think of it. L...
  • Love it. A good purging. I was just schooling my teenager who woke up with a Gameboy in his hand (not kidding) on how much video games eats up his waking moments. Facebook and other s...
  • ...ed. I couldn't imagine my life without my non-writer friends. In fact, I was a non-writer until just a few years ago. Give up my friends? Are you kidding? Life would be very dull inde...