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  • If you've heard of it, I'll be shocked....Alturas, California .... It is so north it's very close to the Oregon border in the Modoc National Forest. About three hours...
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    Those who are not well conversant with online gaming may think that this is just like any other game, and they are supposed to have the fun of it. This may not always...
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    Strange Happenings consists of three spellbinding stories; each story more fascinating than the one before.  The first story involves a woman and child who are saved i...
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    The food of the future? Bugs! Read about my gustatory adventure with insects:


  • Wow, can I relate to this. Your therapist could have been talking about me, with my constant worries that "this just isn't good enough" - not just in my writing, but i...
  • Lovely piece - funny, entertaining, well-written and heartfelt - and it reminded me so much of a Christmas many years ago when the oven grew rebellious, its temperatur...
  • My three wishes would be: -To continue to make my blog successful ( up and running still working out bugs) Vibration -Finish book on Fetal Alcohol Sydrome -Do a child's book Thanks to all my She writers your the best!