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  • I just finished line edits, so I am in editing mode.  I spruced it up a bit (I think).  But, since you know the whole story, you will know if a word is not quite right....  Anyway, hope it h...
  • hi, I'm in 'design' mode as well, on my third blog: A Woman's Page. It's got 'code' which I don't k...eas: Get Paid to Write on and I'm in cleaning mode today, on little break now, s...
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    When it comes to buying weed, users have more options to shop online than the local di...are comfortable with, and they enjoy doing because they won’t make use of any mode of transportation. Additio...
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  • Joanna Blackburn posted a status
    I did it, I'm now publishing my Child Development Articles, Go check out my first one that went up today.
  • Stephanie Saba posted a message for Lanita Moss
    Hello,I hope you are fine,I am Stephanie by name please kindly email me at [email protected] i have an important urgent information to give You. Hope to read your mail. Thanks [email protected]
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    I'm on such a writing bent that I haven't check into social media lately. Working on a new book of essays, INNER LIFE OF A LATE BLOOMER BABY BOOMER. It's challenging.


  • Whew! Thanks, ladies! I knew I wasn't the only one struggling, but it's nice to get co...head and took me a weekend to write. Karen A. Wyle - It IS hard to shake edit mode, especially when you do it fo...
  • You are a shot in the arm today for me as I have been in "promotion mode" since June 25 when my memoir (Re)Making...
  • I'm sort of flailing through the process of marketing, but it seems everyone agrees social media is essential. If you want something free to read on what the heck to a...