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    ...Different Tent Style The finest all-around headroom and living space are provided by frame tents. They have a separate bedroom space, a kitchen, and a living room. In most c...
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  • Started by Jenny Steffan
    ...have to be in a complicated process. Sometimes, it is better to have it simple paint job will do. Changing the color of a room, bedroom, also the kitchen area can give the areas a new...
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  • ...demonstration yesterday at the Surfas Culinary District. Wow! What a place. She made a delicious chocolate concoction from her book Away From The Kitchen, while giving delightful anec...


  • Janelle Stear posted a status
    ...t at the half-empty container. They’d rather have the fattening, non-natural stuff, but this would be a hard blow. I pictured my two girls in our kitchen, shocked and repelled at this...
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    #FoodFic Imagine an invisible and uninvited guest at your kitchen table with an axe to grind:
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    I am having trouble with my kitchen these days. Do I have to call a plumber?


  • Loved your post and the sentence "... another bonus of working in the kitchen: proximity to food!" This made me smile. Thanks for sharing.
  • ...alifornia?) In Stephen King's memoir, On Writing, he'd say to tell it like it is. If a person is fat, say it. If a person is defecating under the kitchen table, would you say that? Pl...
  • ...foodie. But I went beyond the standard foodie level and went to culinary school (for fun at the time). And I've been working in the professional kitchen for too long now. I am trying...