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    Camping has a lot of perks. The initial cost is modest, and the simplicity with which a tent may be relocated offers you a sense of independence. There are a variety of...
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  • Started by Jenny Steffan
    A Home improvement can be done with the idea on how to improve the look of the house, by just upgrading the features of your home. Or by simply fixing and repairing th...
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  • For some reason I'm not getting all these messages. Quick catch-up. Yaaay, Jessica! can't wait to hear about your launch. I've got a new publicist, so not quite set up f...


  • Janelle Stear posted a status
    Grocery Shopping During Covid-19 Instead of my usual little informative blogs, here is a story for you. Yesterday, at the grocery store, I walked around feeling as t...
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    #FoodFic Imagine an invisible and uninvited guest at your kitchen table with an axe to grind:
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    I am having trouble with my kitchen these days. Do I have to call a plumber?


  • Loved your post and the sentence "... another bonus of working in the kitchen: proximity to food!" This made me smile. Thanks for sharing.
  • Um. Um. Huh? (Are you from California?) In Stephen King's memoir, On Writing, he'd say to tell it like it is. If a person is fat, say it. If a person is defecating under...
  • Omg you sound like my kind of writing friend! I love books centered around food. Heck, I love any story centered around food. I am also a fellow foodie. But I went beyon...