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    Hi Blooming Late women, I'm sorry that I haven't been around so much on this discussion board. Like everyone else, I've been juggling work, writing and life. Anyway, I...
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    Hello, SheWrites! I'm a graduate student in the book publishing program at Portland State University ( We've just launched a research project about gender dynamics in...
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  • Started by Sandi Matts
    Late in August I self-published and launched my first book, Listen to the Whisper. The launch went well and customers have posted positive reviews. Now, two months later, sales are sta...
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  • Joanna Blackburn posted a status
    Hello to everyone. I haven't been on here much because I have been busy creating Munchkin Time Storytelling Club for children. It has now launched and have gone back to writing.


  • of my book's life. I wasn't good at maintaining an appropriate perspective about the hundreds of things I thought I should be doing as my book launched, and it wasn't good for my he...
  • ...which made me think I could revise it to something like: In an effort to cure chronic stomach problems, I adapted a 100% raw, vegan diet, which launched a decade-long search for heal...
  • ...than assuming they can't reach a big enough audience." Yep. After we emerge from our imagination and safe writing nest, it feels as tough we're launched into a world where it isn't n...