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  • I completed the 50,000 word goal of NaNoWriMo this year!  Now I'm in the 'tweaking' mode before submitting my 'Baby' t...
  • Hope, this is terrific- "The Three Truths" could be the title of a book on this subject! Another comes to mind when the word "legal" rears up (yup, just got a jury duty notice). Enough said there.
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    Yes, I got another bee in my bonnet.   Whatever your opinion of ebooks, there is no need to ta...want our books in front of readers in whatever LEGAL way possible --and note the word "leg...
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    AndrewSaw posted a status - legal alternative to steroids
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    Born in New Jersey as the youngest of six to a mother who was seriously ill, Ilene English became something of a lost child. In spite of this, she was a free spirit, h...
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    An astute Learning & Development professional with 14+ years of rich corporate experience, Rachana Arya has worked with top of the line organizations like Marriott...


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    Thanks. I hope it's legal!
  • Warming Up; Courting Kathleen Hannigan  Congratulations on all your success.  My debut novel was set in a large law firm in 1976 (the year I started practicing) and go...
  • Betsy, I'm 62 and faced the same aversion to social media, only caving in, begrudgingly at that, at the insistence of a fellow writer.  I have to admit, though, I migh...