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    ..., May 30, 2014 at 6:00 pm.   "Today's people are hungry for ways to live with inner health and wholeness.” The “Power to Reign” was inspired by a lengthy time of struggle that has pro...
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  • Lakin, I'm going to do the same. I'm also encouraging my girlfriend to submit her lengthy blog posts, which are basically short stories about her life on another continent.  Must to stick with the unwritten rules of the industry while skating along the lines of doing what we want! My best to you.
  • Lengthy might be okay for something of this scope. These are the changes I'd make... The Color of Safety’s framework is the fine, old South Central Los Angeles house t...


  • I like simple! Lengthy tends to lose my interest. Great article.
  • This is an awesome round up! Thank you for sharing these posts. I'm in mid-edit after the pro edit red pen so I can totally relate to the lengthy process. I had to stop for a while and now I'm ready to go back and hope to have improved objectivity.
  • I am working on my graphic designer/book cover as we speak (which also means my book is ready, yey!) My title is lengthy so the tip about thumbnails was very handy. I will try that now. Thank you