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  • I enjoyed your post, Mark. My once 600 page book is now around 300, thanks to 1. Letting the book sit, then going back in with some distance 2. Advice from Beta reader...
  • Thank you all so much! Sincerely. Ok, so you've given me a great deal to think about this past few days. The result is - the whole mystery thing just isn't working. T...
  • Patricia- See,. I didn't even know that was a possibility. Thanks for letting me know- this is why I love SheWrites- I learn so much!


  • Joanna Blackburn posted a reply
    thank you for letting me know what you thought about my article.
  • Louella Bryant posted a status
    New novel due out in August with Black Rose Writing. Pitch - In COWBOY CODE, a coming-of-age story set in Southwest Virginia during WWII, 14-year-old Bobbie Grey u...
  • J Davis-King posted a status
    Got a huge lot of poetry to edit from writing and letting the poems pile up. Now, it's crunch time. I have been working daily under a strict deadline that I've given myself, because of this I have been steadily progressing towards publication early 2019.


  • I'm working on a memoir and every time I thought of putting together an outline, I wan...but I savor every minute of it. But I'm all about trying to break our cultural mode of "gotta hurry up." I haven'...
  • Tania, A friend compiled excellent visuals (about the Armadillo Headquarters folks in Austin, TX) with music soundtrack. Instead of letting us listen to the interviews...
  • I think the hard part is also not letting our insecurities and woulda coulda shouldas suck time away from us.  I know my anxieties and worries about I should do this or should do that or if I was a good wife take a lot of time!