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    ...your home’s orientation • Insulation and ventilation • The number of people in the building • Heat that is generated from machinery or lighting An excellent load calcula...
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  •  Light sparked against a conical helmet, the hair poking out below it shining red.  Thor’s blessing, it was his own man Ketil, his easy grin lighting up the night almost as much a...
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    ...ed her feet slowly along the ground, gripping the last match and striking it against the wall. The faint flame flickered in the obscurity, barely lighting up even a few centimeters aro...
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  • ...dd that it can be useful to go to the bookstore a few days before the event and check out the environment, where the reading will take place, the lighting, potential set up, etc. If an...
  • Thank you for sharing this Rachel. We are so grateful for your bravery and for lighting the way.
  • ...ntually, The Irish Dresser, was published in 2003 and is still selling. I haven't stomped on another hard copy of a manuscript, but I do a lot of lighting candles and going wild dancin...