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    ...ed self esteem. When bodybuilding wouldbe this type of widespread activity, undeniably, Eugen Sandow might do not have envisioned a time. Today, locating the perfect ridiculous body b...
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  • ...n my original post, but perhaps because it's a PDF it didn't end up in the final version? Not sure. P.S. Just found something that might help in locating Walker's response--seems that...
  • Hi Katherine, Yes, yes, yes to not going through the "self-pub" vendors and to locating and managing the job yourself! I (I'm a book coach/shepherd and editor) have been very very hap...


  • Huh, what? I spent several good minutes locating my SheWrites password, then waiting for this page to boot up -- all of it longer than it too to read this nice, but unhelpful, bit of fluff. A computer glitsch I trust.