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    Masonry workers use clay bricks, cement, and concrete blocks, and natural and artificial made stones to build structures like buildings. As modern-day masonry, these are a hi...
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    I am new to the group but am hoping that you will share stories about your relationships to food--good, bad, long-lasting or brief flings--with me. What it was like gr...
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  • Well, I love Scrivener--I've been using it for not quite a month. Still in the very e...ns (in my case, often very long interruptions). I also really like the typing mode where you just keep going, no...


  • Maggie Smith posted a message for Meg Waite Clayton
    I joined Shewrites a while back but under a different email. I requested to join the novelist writers group and see my request is still pending from a long time ago....
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    Author Lucy Burdette shares some #FoodFic about her upcoming Hayley Snow mystery:
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    Hi Nino, Just wondered what you're working on right now and how it's going. I am working on a (second) memoir and it's taking forever. I attribute it to the length...


  • What a great post, Dani. I appreciate your perspective—always—on social media and onli...on NPR last night about boredom, and how it brings the brain back to "default mode," a critical state of mind fo...
  • i have been job hunting for the last two and a half years, and haven't had any luck wh...o my usual job-hunting rounds in the morning, but after 11 I am in full writer mode.  I haven't had the opportuni...
  • I've been moved and grateful to all of your responses to my post.  It's true that by her writing Carolyn touched many women's lives and made us feel less alone.  That is, perhaps, the last gift of time--last but long-lasting.