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  • Hi Kim! It's nice to meet you. :) There seems to be a lot of support boards and information boards on SheWrites, so hopefully there's at least one that offers the opportunity for people to share their work and get feedback. I will be on the lookout for one.  Happy writing!
  • ...d at how badly you write."  Admittedly, that made me smile and decreased my anxiety.  As I told Linda in the comment above I'll have to be on the lookout for a local writer's group. ...
  • a real mess (see my analogy above to a foreign chess game). For me, I have my overarching theme/intent, but it's general and ephemeral, on the lookout for characters to convey its...


  • Yuwanda, I tried higher pricing which resulted in very few sales, down to none. $2.99 seems to be the sweet spot no matter how many words are in the book. I think all the free books and 99cent books have soured the market. Readers are now on the lookout for cheaper books.
  • I generally choose books with a courage theme built-in. Typically non-fiction works best for this purpose. I showcase a lot of SWP authors and I also am on the lookout for other books that dovetail with the theme of courage. 
  • Thanks. YA is difficult to write. A couple people I know write YA, I admire them.  Your novel sounds interesting. I'll keep a lookout for it.