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    Following on from a couple of posts on the main board, I thought I'd set up this space...ria's Secret, which seems like an excellent match for say, an erotica or sexy, modern non-fic. The advantages wou...
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  • Started by Elaine Harrigan
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    Is it to be the next Erma Bombeck? Write the next "Sleepless in Seattle?" Be a TV sit com writer that will have Jennifer Aniston clamoring for you? Just have fun blogg...
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  • Yes. There's quite a rumpus going on in publishing, with editors getting pushed out of the equation, their rates being forced downward, while everyone is complaining...


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    ATTENTION 'WANNA BE' AND 'ALREADY AM' WRITERS She Writes is an incredibly diverse resource for any woman wanting to be in anyway active in writing at any level! Check it out!
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    Deconstructing Dark Romance, (Exploring the darker side of human nature in fiction) What is dark romance? That was a question I was asked recently. For me as a...
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    An astute Learning & Development professional with 14+ years of rich corporate experience, Rachana Arya has worked with top of the line organizations like Marriott...


  • Just read the article posted about She Writes on The Novelette and am so happy with it -- I also think it is very apropos here and helps explain the way Debbie and I h...
  • I need to comment on my comment from 1 day ago when I made the statement. "I can relate to not being true to myself. It can kill you." Ouch! that sounds pretty harsh. What I meant to say it can kill you on a 'spiritual, emotional, or mental level. Physical would be an extreme.
  • Hi Michelle: I agree with a lot of what you say. Most of it actually. But I DID get  my MFA, and I can't take it back. I took student loans to live on plus pay for tui...