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    ...han many people realize. Here, we will look at 4 lesser-known healthcare careers that...
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  • Started by Carolin Zeitler
    ...omments below on whether you think I managed the balance). It was my choice to keep working for the cause rather than taking one of several more lucrative job offers I had along the wa...
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  • ...rivacy. It's worth considering using more than one name to publish under. Erotica is a pretty hot genre (in more ways than one!) and it could be lucrative for you to do so.
  • Started by April Katko
    ...Frances             Dear Frances,             I remember Miss Frappier and the way she pronounced your name. My dad doesn’t believe writing is a lucrative business and is not worth the...
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  • Yes, self-publishing has become harder the last four years (I started self-publishing in 2012) but it's still more lucrative than legacy publishers. Even if you go with a publisher you...
  • Great point, MaryBeth, that the promotion is about the message, not the messenger. Most writers are passionate about what they write about (or they would have chosen a more lucrative career!) and getting their story/message out there is what matters most.
  • ...irst post with Making the Leap was all about that scary jump into the unknown, leaving my steady and good career to pursue this unstable and non-lucrative career (at this point anyway)...