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    Dear SheWrites members: I am sending you an invitation for an upcoming one-day writing workshop to be held Sunday, July 19th, in Topanga Canyon. This will be one in a...
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  • Hi everyone. My latest book is one about which I'm very excited. I am a lover of Greek...otic romance named Sunburn. It is about Apollo, only I've brought him into the modern world as the owner of a lux...
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    Started by Armine Petrosyan
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    “Do we really need our bodies – those misunderstandings. Our ego exists without them – those disturbers which only cause harm to our nature making us prisoners of thei...
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  • Cynthia--rejection used to really bother me-- just sink in my gut and make me feel like a failure. Amazing how I just kind of roll with it now. It still smacks a littl...