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    When it comes to buying weed, users have more options to shop online than the local di...are comfortable with, and they enjoy doing because they won’t make use of any mode of transportation. Additio...
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  • Hi Everyone, I just joined the group as well. I have two boys, a 6 year old and a 2 year old, and I work from home as a copyeditor/proofreader. I have a BA in English...
  • I'm more in the struggling mode - I have written two mysteries, no publication yet, sadly.  People say lots of nice things about them on the way to saying they can't publish them,...


  • Molly Martin posted a status
    My mother and her service as a Red Cross "donut girl" in the European Theater in WWII is the main focus of my writing lately. A SheWrites blog could be the perfect place to tell her story.
  • Corrie Ann Gray posted a status
    Stumbled back upon She Writes. After a looooooong time, writing is my main focus these days. It's good to be back. :o)
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    I’m Slappy aka Gina aka Bitchy McSlappywine (on Twitter and Periscope). I’m a former pharma crazy, mother of 5 “grown” kids, wife of a firefighter, classy drinker of b...


  • Thank you very much for sharing this. I'm at the beginning of trying to figure out how to work through PTSD. I've been shocked to find resources to be scarce for women...
  • I believe that part of the problem lies in the perception of the issue as a "block." I...ur subconscious, which happens more easily when the brain is in a more relaxed mode.
  • I’ve just read all the comments here with my hands shaking and my stomach churning the...held about my mother and my own origins since childhood. Hmm, yup, whiny brat mode achieved… but seriously, I th...