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    10.09.2009 Repost: Ask Beth One of my first posts... My back and forth and I got into one of my mother modes. Mother mode is when I brainstorm with back and forth and I got into one of my mother modes. Mother mode is when I brain...
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    We've managed to get some decent press for my upcoming book, 'The Popularity Rules' (Glamor, Scarlet, some UK weeklies), but in the end, we've exhausted anywhere which...
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  • On Day 8, I only managed about 400 words due to my children being off school ill. By the time I got them to bed, I was ready for slumber myself. My muse had gone home for the night too. Still I finished the chapter. Must do better tonight.


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    Up, having coffee, editing manuscript. Good workout on manual treadmill yesterday. That old thing is a workout, but does the job! managed an hour and a half workou...
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    Hope your week is going well. Great on this end after a very “filling” holiday. Managed eight miles yesterday, and it was NOT pretty. Snored like a bear last night – not “romantic,” but feeling lighter. Lace up, mask up, and join me virtually.
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    The Keys to the Kingdom Finding Place in Historical Fiction When your eyes glaze ov...ronze mythical animals are situated above the entry way. Julia Morgan’s 1937 remodel of the façade and gold lobby...


  • Usually, I publish a novel in mid-October. That means that all the editing and proofre...November 1st. Naturally, I found it harder than usual to shake off the "edit" mode. I've had to remind myself se...
  • Sorry, I did mean to, but I enjoyed reading this post...I even smiled a couple of time...of the rewriting and the waste of time and energy. So this slow motion mode...even before I can start fee...
  • I wake with elongated eyes, calloused feet, and fatigued fingers. Haphazardly I stumble down the stairs and fill a mug with steaming hot coffee; sputtering in bits and...