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    ...n the hamster wheel and their dreams remain unrealized. Taking the leap can start with a small step towards your goals. Believing in yourself is mandatory. Deep breaths.
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  • ...both, Linda and Tracey.  Tracey, my husband is interning as a MFT so we have lots of candor around our house!  (Plus as an Angeleno, therapy is mandatory.) Confidentiality issues asid...
  • ...abulously for those writing a screenplay, but for those of us wanting to introduce a new universe, description and mood and narrative are almost mandatory...yet readers and publishers...


  • to be a game-changer. / We thought that assistant outpatient treatment law (Laura's Law in CA) would be that game-changer, but it wasn't made mandatory, so only a handful of countie...
  • Oh would I change places with you? Absolutely. I much prefer the cover they devised, and know that saying 'what it is on the tin' is unfortunately pretty mandatory. The next 'Eat Pray Love'? Maybe.
  • Hi Toi, I like your attitude and think a healthy dose of optimism along with a thick skin is mandatory! :)