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    ( The phrase "If I knew then what I know now" doesn't exist for no reason. Since returning from Singapo...
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    Marble run games have been found to help more than fun in kids. Research shows that th...ces problem solving and creativity in the child. 4. Rokr Marble Run Wooden Model Kit Families have differe...
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  • Maryn, you are my new favorite person Thank you for such a clear explanation! Maryn McKenna said:Norine -You spotted the problem: AFAIK, Twitter doesn't yet allow mult...


  • You know @Kim, I actually found some studies, in researching this essay, that indicate that children who learn to write letters are much better at recognizing them, an...
  • Alonna-- Thank you for that recognition. I love using "the Latin" for animals, because since most of us will not immediately understand who we are "labeling", it frees us up to HEAR what is said. ❤️
  • The WASPs were disbanded after only 2 1/2 of service. The US military didn't think women were worthy of military service when WWII ended. These women were out of a job and received no recognition for their work for 30 some years. I'd say that would fill them with all sorts of emotions.