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  • Another suggestion: in the market analysis section you want to mention other books that have sold well, and to point out both their similarities to and differences fro...
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    My wife has given me some homework. First a little background. My wife is Japanese. She was raised in Japan and came to Guam about seven years ago (age 40) to learn E...
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    k, so I just came across this on one of the million blogs I stagger across. I challenge you to join me and post your scenes along with me.   So the plan for this is th...
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  • Thank you, Helen. I long to exit from reception/anxiety mode--and am trying to concentrate on kind words from friends... It's definitely a mug's game to be so hooked to the marketplace--when the...
  • When we finish this discussion let's talk about the weird use of your for you're and 'alot' and text speak making it into homework and signage.  Worthy discussions all.
  •   <<Regardless, this is more about perception and how our culture values e-books, which was the point of this piece. I think it's pretty clear that the vast majo...