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  • KJ, I'm with you on the King book. Just terrific. Bel Canto is a favorite. Bird by Bird. Most things by David Sedaris. For enjoyment, almost anything by Susan Isaacs. And just for fun, a book by a friend of mine, Wish Club. (Kim Strickland)
  • Hi Holly, Thanks for sharing. I think I'll give both the mags a go and see if they work. Heading over to their websites **Fingers crossed** Holly Sortland said:Hi! I...
  • Rumpus is terrific! I just read Elliott's " Why I Write" yesterday. Intriguing guy and writer. Seems that couch surfing may be a part of his persona as well as pragmat...


  • Elaina Zuker posted a status
    I teach seminars to executives, give speeches and write books, including bestseller...Influence”. My new book, “A Swift Kick in the Can’ts – the New Peer Mentor Model for Success Now” is now avai...
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    P.D. Workman shares why Tattooed Teardrops turned out to be a terrific #FoodFic pick:


  • Lynette -- what a terrific post! I relate to it very much. I taught two memoir writing classes to adults, continuing ed (also mostly boomers and seniors, with the occa...
  • @Charlotte, thanks for the kind words. Sounds like you're having a terrific experience with your novel. It's exciting, isn't it, to see the art cause your own heart to grow.
  • I think you're terrific, Jan, really . . . even if I (sometimes) can't keep up with you. ;-)