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    ...u are planning on getting married soon and need help drafting a prenuptial agreement or planning out your estate plan with an attorney after your marriage ends. - If someone has acc...
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  • Started by Gemma Sun
    Last reply by Gemma Sun of the fictional universe. As you've probably guessed, I use a lot of really mature themes in my work (violence and gore, pedophilia and child marriage, to name a few). But those th...
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  • ..., killed, and then her soul is bound to a demon. There's a lot more to it, but ya' know: SPOILERS. It's basically a call-out on pedophilia, child marriage, and sexism, and features a l...


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    Mary Krakow posted a status
    ...ere married sometime between his birthday, 29 April, 1918 and his enlistment, 12 Sept 1918 (age 34). Mary Elizabeth had two girls from a previous marriage. She was widowed when the you...
  • LaQuinta Sanchez posted a status morning smelling like another woman, making babies outside of our marriage, which means unprotected sex...m sorry, I’m not about to do all that. I went through that in my first marriage and I said to myself, “NEVER...
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    ...teams put Jack and everyone on edge. Ben and his wife Rebecca explore a path to practical wisdom in the nuclear age. Learning from their jobs and marriage, they discover some key crite...