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  • I have done a LOT of writing in my car in soccer field parking lots!  Good job for protecting the time for yourself.  Steven Pressfield is really motivating in this regard, especially in The War of Art.  His blog posts are like booster shots.
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    Hi SWP sisters: I just got an invitation to appear on Sacramento's NPR affiliate stati...: 90.9 FM KXJZ Sacramento; 90.5 FM KKTO Tahoe City/Reno; 91.3 FM KUOP Stockton/Modesto; 88.1 FM KQNC Quincy  
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    Hey all, I'm into this forum and excited to be here. I thought this opportunity might resonate with some of you -- and sharing is caring! Feel free to alert friends wh...
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    I am a survivor. I am a Mom of two teenage kids and a Wife of a dedicated hardworking Man. I am a massage therapist, essential oils consultant and an environmentalist...


  • Today I indulged in a massage! I needed it to combat stress, to help me be a better mother and to weather the emotional storm that is forcasted this week. Unless we ta...
  • Thanks for this informative and helpful piece.  I am a massage therapist/writer and you are right on with the importance of breathing with awareness and purpose.  Kudos to your writing and your healthy routine!!!
  • Congrats to the winners!  Yay!  No more shots in the dark.  No more "Will my query pique this agent who might or might not be interested?" anymore.  I'm envious but so proud for you all!