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    ...r skin looking and feeling radiant. Some massage experts suggest that massaging the...
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    ...dling this ailment in your dog’s hips. These ways include laser treatment, acuscope,...
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  • In my opinion, a rejection is a step closer to the final point at which a manuscript gets accepted, even though nobody knows how many rejections would lead to the acceptance.  Hmm, I don’t have a better strategy than massaging the bruises on my knees and keeping going.
  • ...ith wonders and nudity. He enters people’s dreams, heals from a distance, thrills to exotic lovers. In some ways he’s digging himself in deeper, massaging celebrities as he struggles w...
  • net that had a tiny hole in it.  She was due for a perm but in our home, money was as hard to come by as a good dinner.  Her left hand was massaging her leg, her bad leg.  Years...
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  • Julie Luek commented on her article [Making the Leap] Fear Not!
    ...sing our life direction by the reward of how it makes you feel-- as opposed to, as you said, ticking off a list of to-dos that may be more about massaging the ego than a happier life....