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  • said there is too much bdsm content.  That's why I have been playing with the cover so much. I'm trying to hit the right balance that actually matches the story. We'll see how it g...
  • ...te Mercy" because as is the case with most liberation struggles, success is never achieved without enormous loss and it's never perfect; it never matches the vision of those who strug...
  • I just blogged about a piece of music that matches perfectly with one of my characters -


  • Great post, Kristin. The wedding dress analogy sounds like good advice, as it's not just the pretty dress, but also the right fit and one that matches your vision. Thanks!
  • This was a really fun blog posting, and matches my first time experience in every way. Wonderful!
  • show up should be residents of whatever city you’ve specified in your search.  You can read the profiles and assess whether there are any good matches for you. Give it a try....