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    I have great news: I was chosen by Foodbuzz and Electrolux as one of 15 food bloggers to go to New York for a special cake decorating event with Kelly Ripa, as part of...
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  • I'm working on agent research and my pitch for the Writers Digest Conference in NYC in 3 weeks (yikes!).  Fine-tuning my query and proposal, too.  Any suggestions on maximizing my time at the conference would be greatly appreciated!  Also any recommendations for afternoon tea while I'm there?


  • Being disciplined about writing is, for me, far easier than editing, and much more pleasurable. Writing grabs me and I lose myself (and my sense of time passed) in it,...
  • I read the original article and the responses to the article.  I have heard of authors developing their own publishing company and working through the bigger 6 for dis...