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  • ...arious short stories, dabbled in flash fiction, and several other projects. Two of my flash fictions, It was not for me and A Little Note of Many Meanings were published online. I obta...
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    ...ght problems. This is what I want to check out. In the literary world, what I've done is referred to as "intertextuality," "the shaping of texts' meanings by other texts. It can includ...
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  • Words inspire me to write . . . the shape they take on a page, the layers of meanings, the puzzle I 'm challenged to piece together each time the framework of or image for a new story...


  • Nancy Chadwick commented on her article A Problem with Memoirs
    Never a problem, Philippa Anne. Sometimes when writing the diverting happens for a reason. We can discover new meanings and the reflection in the diversion becomes valuable.
  • Marybeth Holleman: So true about the word "book" having many meanings! I also like what you say about writing what only we can write. I've felt that way for a long time—that I was writ...
  • Thanks for this post. It reminds me that the word "book" has many meanings. 90 days. Wow. Thanks for reminding us that we must find our own rhythms if we are to write what only we can write.