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  • Housework is first to go, quickly followed by watching over the dinner (writing mode equals burnt dinners in my house), with Very Bad Parenting running close behind. Oh life is so much easier when I'm writing! Nothing really matters then except the next word falling on the page!
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    To go beyond myself and my own disabilities, I decided to get inside the pain and stor...ling to step out of myself and feel for another--to get out of that "my world" mode all the time.
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  • Thank you so much!! You've mentioned some of the exact things I want to focus on--esp. the Elizabeth/Anne "relationship." It's very intriguing....Elizabeth is famous f...


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    Cedar Hawk Songmaker was born and lived all her life in Minneapolis. Yet she's never heard the music of ice breaking in the Mississippi River, and she’s seen just one...
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    Lucinda Clark – Founder of the “Poetry Matters Project” BYBOOKBYBOOKPUBLICITYON SEPTEMBER 16, 2019 Lucinda Clark is the Founder of P.R.A. Publishing and the Poe...
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    To Tell The Truth essay for MAT @ 9/22/20 +PROMO files In a few days I’ll send out the email book-launch announcement about my book, Victory Is My Name, a Me...


  • Congratulations -- nothing better than a little fitness, which is all that matters -- not having a body that only makes sense on a 21-year-old! Glad you are here with us at She Writes, and thanks for posting this.
  • Like you I'm terrified of promoting my work. My mind is stuck in the old days when publishers did the promoting.   To answer your question, yours is not the only famil...
  •  Thanks for a thought-provoking post.  I felt a strong compass guiding me as I wrote "We Are Here: Memories of the Lithuanian Holocaust," in which I blend personal nar...