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  • There are no stupid questions as they say. In Blogger when you are in the editing mode, click on layout. Then click...
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    I'm interested, now that writers are also publishers, to ask what formats people are using, and which channels seem to be effective in reaching an audience.  I've done...
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  • Isn't that a beautiful cover? I'm so excited about this book of speculative short stories all by New Zealand authors, edited by Anna Caro and Juliet Buchanon and bei...


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    10 Tips to Creating Your Author Wardrobe Several years ago, when my first novel, The Black Velvet Coat was released I had purchased the perfect dress for my launch...
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    the follow button is not working, will try later :)
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    I apologize for having posted my comment TWICE to your "Lull" blog! I must have hit the button a second time inadvertently. Please feel free to remove one if you have that super power. - Haworth


  • This a great idea! Good luck! I am waiting for my book the 90 Day Novel to arrive to get started on mine, although having said that I have already begun by creating my...
  • To answer the question from Diana earlier here, I am using pocket to save articles I think will come in useful in research for later. I love the browser extension which allows me to just click a button in my address bar to save the article that I'm viewing.
  • I totally agree with you on the Benjamin Button covers above. Love the man in the carriage! I have not slept with nearly enough artsy people to have an official opini...