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    I often joke that you know you're getting old when the numbers you get at the doctor's office and prompt you to jump for joy or swig a bottle of tequila.  But it's not...
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    The selective androgen receptor modulators known as SARMs, is an active drug or medicine that is basically used to triggers changes in the DNA to increase individual m...
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  • Thanks, LaTonya. Sorry it's taken me sooo long to reply. I'm still learning to manage multiple email and social network accounts. Don't feel embarassed about not knowi...


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  • Hi Alexandra, Thanks for your comment. I hear you about fear of rejection. I think it's just part of the life long process of growing into being a writer. I watch how...
  • I think it's hard to write with emotional authenticity without drawing upon some our own experiences.  I am reading March by Geraldine Brooks, and it is impressive how...
  • Amazon does NOT always follow the lowest price. I managed to get iUniverse (the publisher)  to drop the price of Tourist Trap to $4.99 early in 2013 because I feel thi...