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  • Last year I published an article about how I found out my father worked for the CIA in the LA Times. It was the first time I had brought this personal subject to print...
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    Hacienda Hot Springs main mineral springs pool   Dear is an increasingly crucial skill for modern-day authors. Plus it’s a gr...sert. Resnick is also a seasoned public speaker and moderator who’s spoken everywhere...
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  • As the person who also writes the weekly The Techie column for She Writes, I'm glad you asked. I dedicated three of my weekly "The Techie" columns to these questions...


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  • Being a rather shy person I soar when I write.  I get a high like drinking expensive champagne but without the hangover. When I am prevented from writing I suffer withdrawal pains.
  • Cosign...cosign...cosign to the infinite power.  Wasting my time bothers me more than wasting my money but both p*ss me off.  I work hard for my money.  I'm like most...
  • Hi Alexandra, Thanks for your comment. I hear you about fear of rejection. I think it's just part of the life long process of growing into being a writer. I watch how...