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  • What excellent advice. I honestly don't worry about being sued, but I'm sure that it is a real issue for other writers.
  • I really loved the Rosin article, and YES that is taboo. In the only issue of Mothering that I've ever read, I found an article called "Your Medicine Chest" that reall...
  • An excerpt of Goodbye Natalie Goodbye Splendour will be published in the November issue of Woman's Day magazine, on stands Oct. 6th.


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    By Susan Binau, Cancer Survivor and Published Author Mommy, Can I Call You In Heaven?: How we coped with cancer as a family I couldn’t live my life to the full...
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    Grocery Shopping During Covid-19 Instead of my usual little informative blogs, here is a story for you. Yesterday, at the grocery store, I walked around feeling as...
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    NEED AN IDEA FOR YOUR NEXT NOVEL? Your book has been published, the publicity links have been made, and royalties are beginning to arrive as you breath...


  • I believe that part of the problem lies in the perception of the issue as a "block." I...ur subconscious, which happens more easily when the brain is in a more relaxed mode.
  • Hope, your 6 suggestions for dealing with criticism are so helpful -- especially 4 and 5. Rather than get into a spat with one individual, use it as a chance to take t...
  • Julie L. Moore's poem "Opening Day" appears in the new issue of Two Review, released on June 15th.