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  • I don't have an MFA. My bachelor's degree is in journalism and my master's degree is comes to fiction writing, I think the school of life is as important as any mode of formal education. That sai...
  • Thank you, Sherelle. You're right, I'm in the birth mode... this is my first baby and I suppose it's natural to be so nervous. How exciting that you are having your "launch" next month. I'll b...
  • If there were a genuinely good and genuinely short answer to this very good question, I would...n it comes to matters of sexuality because part of the doxa of sexuality is that it is "nat...


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    Grocery Shopping During Covid-19 Instead of my usual little informative blogs, here is a story for you. Yesterday, at the grocery store, I walked around feeling as...
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    #FoodFicFriday Not all the meals in the series are appetizing, unless you’re a zombie. Sink your teeth into this survival horror epic:
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    What's your best going to be when it comes to post-apocalyptic meals? #FoodFic from Clayton Smith: