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  • This COVID-19 Crisis had been one for all ages. We were not present to testify of the viruses and other epidemics and pandemics. However, this has been more than som...
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  • Started by Julie Ryan McGue
    The Holidays are a special time of year. For many people...clude them in their lives. As an adoptee, I know the pain of looking around the holiday...connect and be acknowledged. Some adoptees know the pain of having been dismissed by a...
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  • Started by Rhonda Collins
    Trying to turn this into an article, wondering if SHEWRITES has changed the rules about uploading or if I am simpl...ay sob for days worrying if you are born blue from the cord wrapped around your neck...
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  • Nina Simons posted a status
    7 Ways to Deal with Back Pain Holistically
  • Julie Ryan McGue posted a status
    Touched By Adoption More On Rejection & Some Advice About Coping In a recent...ith rejection and loss. Here’s what experts agree on: 1) Acknowledge the pain and grieve the loss 2) Don’t...
  • Rhonda Collins posted a status
    DEAR DAUGHTERS, I'll make this quick as I know you are busy: If you are a daughter you may have days you do not u...ay sob for days worrying if you are born blue from the cord wrapped around your neck...


  • You are so right about this. Thank you for reminding me. Writing is a hard calling, it's not for the faint-hearted, and as you say, there is pain. It's personal, genuine pain, and fiction can be no less p...
  • Stephanie, I feel your pain in (almost) every way. The only difference is that I LOVE to cook but HATE to write (which is why I just joined SheWrites in hopes to muster up the ne...
  • Maybe instead of writer's block, we should call it "writer's cramps", the pain we feel trying to write but procrastinating until the day is almost over!