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  • Started by Deborah Siegel
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    Hi bloggers, My blog, Girl w/Pen ("bridging feminist research and popular reality") is almost 3 years old, is part of a well-established feminist network, and has a p...
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  • Started by Nava Atlas
    Last reply by Dr. Barbara Sinor
    I saw Dawne's request for tips on doing an online book launch and thought I'd share this piece I did for my agent's author retreat a while back. I've organized a few b...
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  • Started by Tamara
    Last reply by Corrie Ann Gray
    Is anyone still using MySpace as a social network, or has it outlived its usefulness? I'd love to hear your thoughts!
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  • Mag Dimond posted a status
    I am inspired by all those who dedicate their minds and hearts to writing, which is not a painless activity, as we all know. I am especially happy to join a network o...
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    Second Chance Car Loans Second chance car loans may assist you in getting back on the road while also helping you to repair your credit. However your credit score c...
  • Amanda DiSilvestro posted a status
    Tips and Tricks to Building the Perfect Mobile Landing Page By now most small businesses understand that a mobile strategy is a non-negotiable factor for success, but...


  • Thanks so much for this.  My memoir comes out from Bloomsbury US/UK in Sept. and almos...shocked--book in, my work done until readings, etc.  Now I am in full learning mode and posts like yours are inva...
  • Hmmm. As a newbie, I am inspired by this information. It confirms my decision to invest some of my time and energy in this network instead of some others. Thank you, Buffi, for sharing your experience.
  • Hi, Julija! I agree with everything you've written here, and like you, I also was/still am a bit hesitant to self-promote my first book.  I'm getting better at it thou...