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  • Started by Louise Tripp
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    Do you use any of them for promotion of your work? If so, post your username here and perhaps gain a few more followers. :) Me:!/lulutripp
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  • Started by Jenny Sahm
    Hi everyone - I wanted to let you know about this great new site for writers - its called  It's a newly launched online marketplace dedicated to the art a...
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  • Started by A.K.Andrew
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    Does anyone else find blogging, social networking and writing a bit of a time management nightmare? I know the importance of the first two in building a writers platfo...
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  • Hi Callie- I've requested to join your UK group. We hope to move to Scotland in 2021, though you'll see I live and work in the US! Just wanted to clarify. As an emerging non-fiction author I really must get on with networking-- on both continents! Best regards, Laurie S S
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    Looking forward to networking with you!


  • This is truly an exciting development, particularly since I've been writing an essay about how to keep a creative writing mind, while having to do all the non-creative...
  • Okay so let me expand on social networking a bit.... popular enough for the phrase social network marketing to be coined and used in pitches aimed at folks such as us....
  • Ah, good old Myers- Briggs! I enjoyed reading this! I have just produced my first ebook- Jigsaw Pieces on Amazon as an Indie, after being cast adrift by my publisher w...