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  • the best, full of published authors, but only for children's writing), and Absolute Write sometimes has good feedback, but many newbies comment about things they don...
  • Started by Ava Bleu
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    ...ange as an individual, it is only right my Columbus has changed.   I've decided that my memories are great for whipping out to dazzle and impress newbies and youngsters, but I also re...
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  • Started by Kelli Swearingen
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    ...members to introduce themselves. We are slowly growing as a group and while the members that knew each other on PC group may know one another the newbies know nothing of us and vice v...
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  • This is so helpful! Thank you, Janay. There's so much to learn for newbies (that's me) I'm really grateful for the information and the help.
  • ...orough as you query. Keep honing your letter. You'll get there. Anyway, I look forward to what others are thinking on this great topic -- help us newbies out, hey? :)
  • lots of information flows and questions get answered, check out the Scrivener Users community on Google+. All levels of users from advanced to newbies are welcome, and I learn some...