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  • I'm more in the struggling mode - I have written two mysteries, no publication yet, sadly.  People say lots of nice things about them on the way to saying they can't publish them,...
  • I have the same trouble, but I'm still in academia. I guess if you count grad school,...summer when things slow down, I cannot get into the feeling/absorbing/noticing mode I used to.  When I do try, I...
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                As I dug into the story it all began to make sense. Who am I you ask? I am Private Investigator Peter Paul. “Jimmy what makes you that you don’t belong in...
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    Hi Anne, It is always nice to hear someone appreciated my work. Take care. Rose
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    Hi Ellen, many thanks for the follow. Nice to connect here! Kristen Houghton
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    Thank you so much, Pam! I'm glad you enjoyed reading, Book Signing 101. Nice to connect here. Kristen Houghton


  • Whew! Thanks, ladies! I knew I wasn't the only one struggling, but it's nice to get co...head and took me a weekend to write. Karen A. Wyle - It IS hard to shake edit mode, especially when you do it fo...
  •  Signing on with She Writes Press recently put me the publication-panic mode.  I blogged about it at http://maryh...
  • I’ve just read all the comments here with my hands shaking and my stomach churning the...held about my mother and my own origins since childhood. Hmm, yup, whiny brat mode achieved… but seriously, I th...