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  • Last reply by Amanda Valerie Judd I sent them my press release YESTERDAY!  Needless to say, I am very impressed with their turnaround time!!!  And please with the article.  THANK YOU, Prince William Living magazine!
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  • Good morning -- I'm Jan and my writing blog's name is I created it last year as an outlet to share my writing journey while a resident at Ragdale...
  • Hello J. Leigh! Fellow Chicago resident here (Logan Square). I just took a look at your blog and saw that you have 5 different WIPs in progress; that is very inspiring!


  • I know this story well, but am not American so your dilemma about child support or social security wasn't mine. Here is what I have come to. I belive that courts shou...
  • Irene, so this 60ish psychologist, what drives her to volunteer at this resident? Where is she from? What is she fleeing? What is she seeking? How does this differ fr...
  • Laurie Buchanan commented on her article Water Under the Bridge
    Julie - As a Boise resident, we're practically neighbors. Nice to meet you!