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    There are different methods to reduce the excess fat of your body and you may have tried many of those methods. These methods are dieting, extensive workout and leadin...
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    One of the most exciting things about spec fic is the chance to build worlds. I'm working on my first in this genre, so it's also my first attempt at creating a whole...
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  • Started by Kelley Harrell
    Call for Papers/Writers: Queer Magic Anthology…(title to be determined…) E-mail for i...y adapted, or mined for insights for use in the very different contexts of the modern world. What are some magic...
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  • I was cruising along toward my various goals when I got sick. I don't get sick, but I did get sick. For more than a week, the finest doctors in the world could not fig...
  • Meg, I am not meaning to belittle your experiences of anti-Semitism in Wisconsin, just to say that we all of us rarely speak out about anti-Semitism we have encountere...
  • Thank you, Susan. And I'm glad you finally got through. Some procedures require persistence, don't they? I appreciate yours! Persistence, that is.