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    This interview came out yesterday in New York Family Magazine.  In this post-Sandusky era, I thought it would be a perfect piece for The Today Show to pick up.  It se...
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  • This week's segment of Writing Our Lives features an interview with Nikki Meyer, author of Game for Anything, a memoir about her life in the African bush.  Hope you'll take a look. 
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    My husband and I did this one for the first JP Kinkaid Mystery Chronicle, Rock & Roll Never Forgets: Ron Hogan at Mediabi...
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  • Rounding out the TV appearances, I kicked off the New Year earlier this week as a guest on the ABC affiliate KXTV Sacramento & Company talk show to discuss my book, Silent Sorority. The segment is available for viewing here.
  • Amy, This is a wonderful story and thank you for sharing... While I am not necessarily African American but an American, I am deeply disturbed that many talented write...
  • A blog is a funny thing, it can't be all things to all people. You have to know, as you mentioned, who your reader is, or what audience you're trying to attract and wi...