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  • Throughout most of history, women have been told, in both open and unspoken ways, that they were important primarily for performing the roles defined for them by males...
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  • In the summer of 1968, my parents sold our home ranch out on the south fork of the Milk River, and bought another place nearer to town. There were myriad challenges. B...
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      It's a blessing for those rejected numerous times by traditional publishing houses. It removes much of the work for those planning to self publish. It's great if you...
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  • Donna Bryson posted a status
    My friend Himanee Gupta asks, “Could there be a way to think of America differently?” She offers a model for doing just that in her h...
  • Romalyn Tilghman posted a status
    When asked about the inspiration for my novel, I answer simply: “I love libraries.” Libraries of all shapes and sizes; new libraries and old libraries; libraries here,...
  • Stephanie Noble posted a status
    At the request of my meditation students, I have written a book titled A Woman's Guide...Foundations of Mindfulness, focused on addressing the needs and challenges of modern women. If anyone is interes...


  • You are definately not alone. In fact, one of our friends, an engineer, lives next door to a maniac - he has installed cameras and has had to call the police on numero...
  • Thanks Angela! Good luck on your work and I hope the books resonate with you.  They address atheism from a black feminist perspective, historicizing black women's cultural investment in faith and the challenges of freethought and secular social justice.
  • Susan, I feel silly talking about a bad back in the light of the challenges you have overcome and continue to battle to live your dream. YOU have encouraged me to keep writing and working towards my goals.