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    10.09.2009 Repost: Ask Beth One of my first posts... My back and forth and I got into one of my mother modes. Mother mode is when I brainstorm with back and forth and I got into one of my mother modes. Mother mode is when I brain...
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  • Started by Jenny Steffan
    Metaverse is a new concept that is getting th...irst, however, you are offered the 3D models and characters along with e...e offered the effortless and cashless mode of making deals. People are o...ey into these assets. This is the modern era, and everything is gett...
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  • We're collecting a list of favorite writers to follow at Twitter -- and also are offering Sarah Milstein (this Thursday's Twitter for Writers webinar instructor) the c...


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    Offering editorial services for women who want to tell their stories.
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    This week's #FoodFic offering - The Wedding Reject Table - is packed full of delicious food because the plot centers around a British cake decorator!
  • Awesome, awesome article, Nancy! Thank you so much - my memoir "Birth of a New Brain - Healing from Postpartum Bipolar Disorder" will be published by Post Hill Press in just 2 months and I have plenty to do! ;)


  • Quick comments concerning questions #3 and #4. Number 3 -...Writers. All writers need to have a mentor, a role model and an advocate. The three a...d others times we learn. Often when in the teaching mode, we learn. When in the learni...
  • Beautiful! So beautifully said! Thank you. As a journaling teacher for over three deca...hear our voices and words, drops us into a listening, reflective-contemplative mode wherein we are received. Rece...
  • April, you are exactly where I am. My humor has been in magazines and I had a column in a daily for years, but still can't get that contract for a publisher. I did a b...