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    ...e Community Closet to children of the Keystone Central School District, The Sky’s the Limit youth program, Comfort Bears to local law enforcement officers, an anti-bullying campaign an...
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    Is it possible?


  • ...there is much more to the story than  racism. What  bothers me is the officers mindset of abuse. They kill d...concentrations of sociopaths within law enforcement.  Law Enforcement officers beat their significant other...
  • It is a struggle, even though we are all writers! Who else has this kind of trouble? Not chefs, not police officers. I often explore this struggle in my writing even as I experience it! It's like a Catch-22! 
  • Not provincial at all, just if you aren't in direct contact with police officers and social workers who have been brought up on lads mags and porn, it's difficult to know how these hav...