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    I have two opportunities of interest to writers. Drive-by Shorts Radio Sausalito announces the December 2009 premier of Drive-by Shorts, a weekly spoken-word radio s...
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  • Started by Eugenia Kim
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    Use this discussion board to post any writing submission/publication opportunities you'd like to pass on to the group. Thanks.
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  • Started by Ripley Patton
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    I've just released my YA paranormal thriller Ghost Hand, and I'm looking for places to blog about the book,YA, my experiences self-publishing it, using Kickstarter, an...
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  • Sarah Kennedy posted a status
    Allow me to introduce myself and tell you a little bit of my own story. Why do I write? I believe that moments of pain can be redeemed, that in the right hands they...
  • TR Ford posted a status
    I write/create when I'm inspired. This inspiration occurs in many ways as living our lives gives us so much to pen to paper something that may motivate someone, bring...
  • Hi, Catherine! I apologize for the delay responding to your message. I've had a rough time with unexplained health conditions and I've been lying low. But, I'm trying...