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    Letting Go Can’t hold onto her How unhappy she’s with my love Needs another like her. by the hands of Catherine Richardson New Friends Through no fault of ours Rela...
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  • Just came in from sitting in the garden. It is past twilight to another light.  Then it became a grey light with flashes of light from the sky - a plane or a meteor do...
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    Los Angeles, the city of make-believe, where people go to reinvent themselves. West Adams, one of its first suburbs, a magnet for new wealth in a provincial city with...
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    Started by BookPRGirl
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    As we lurch towards the Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa/Festivus season, I wonder why holiday preparation remains a secondary sex-characteristic for females, similar to the...
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  • Hi, Rossandra-- I think that Poets & Writers would like to know that!  Perhaps if you contact Jamie Fitzgerald she might be willing to organize something in Orange County.  Good luck!
  • Started by Jenny Steffan
    Basketball is a team sport played between two teams. Typically, each team has five players, and the object of the game is to shoot the basketball through the opposing...
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  • Started by Marcia Fine
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    Have you noticed that you purposely wear unmatched clothes if you're going to be home all day writing? Do you care? Today I happen to love my striped orange pants and two shirts--one blue, one green. Might not even change when I go to check the mail! My neighbors already think I'm weird.
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  • I've revised my letter to shorten it and clairfy what should be clarified. I hope it ends up in the right place in this thread. Thank you all in advance for your time...
  • I started this because sometimes, you uncover an amazing novel a few years after its publication. Though it isn't hot off the presses, it becomes a must-read or a pers...
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  • I read somewhere that "then" isn't good to be at the beginning of any sentence in a query letter. If you can rearrange the other "then" I think your chances are better...